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Sustainable Business Practice

We are committed to principled business conduct and operating in a responsible manner, minimizing the impact on the environment and ensuring the wellbeing of our customers, employees and the communities we operate in. We believe that an integrated and transparent approach to governance, ethics, risk and compliance, strengthen our values and promote our objectives as a responsible business.

In a practical extension of our commitment, we empower our people at all levels of the organization, developing leadership capabilities and the relevant skills in order to shape the company’s successful future.

The impetus for our Corporate Social Investment originates largely from our desire to be a contributor to the solution in South Africa by stimulating the economy through various initiatives. We are focused on good corporate citizenship and empowerment and central to this is the desire to be a part of creating economic stability and growth within South Africa. Our current initiatives in this division focus on job creation and the empowerment and transfer of skills to young entrepreneurs (SMME’s) and interns.

We support the South African government’s transformation objectives and are committed to the implementation of B-BBEE. We have taken proactive steps to ensure that we adopt and implement an achievable B-BBEE strategy that contributes to the sustainability of our business. Through a diligent and disciplined approach, we have been able to secure a Level 3 rating in the Dunlop Group which is a value add for all customers conducting business with us within the borders of South Africa.

Our drive is to find the right people who compliment the culture of the organisation and who support and uphold our values. One of the key success factors of our business are ‘OUR PEOPLE – highly skilled and engaged’. In striving towards, and living out mutually agreed values, we are committed to actively developing all employees in the Company. We have defined ourselves as a learning organisation and continue to build and retain a workforce of knowledgeable workers. Through our ‘Brand Academy’ an initiative of our Training Foundation, we ensure the upskill of all employees and strategic partners of our group of companies.